There is one Resident who works regularly in the studio and who calls HOIST home. Click on any Resident to explore his or her work at the studio.

Carlton WolfeCarlton Wolfe

Carlton is just another person compelled by that primitive and quintessentially human urge to imprint the contents of his mind onto the world around him. As an artist, he tries to create work that is thoughtfully informed, visually lush, conceptually elegant or brazenly superficial, and technically meticulous. He is also an effective and conscientious professional, supplying commercial and editorial markets and catering to discriminating clients.

In practice, Carlton alternates between deliberate preparation and frenzied expression, and HOIST is a stable yet versatile working environment that is ideal for him. He began working at the studio in 2009, and founded the Aesthete Equipment Company and HOIST in 2011.

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